599 Musical Cooking

Cooking and music aren’t something that I immediately think pair together inheritly. While putting on music in the kitchen while cooking is always wonderful, and going out to eat somewhere while a band is playing create a wonderful mood… I don’t think the connection goes much deeper than this.

And why should it really, these are two extremely different mediums of creativity and consumption; the ears and the mouth. Of all of our senses, the link between these two things is probably the weakest.

This children’s game aims to cultivate the connection between sounds and tastes.

As the player explores the game, they are taken through a tour of food (of which they are encouraged to have their parents acquire so they can taste along with!). The tour is across the world, tasting from every corner of each continent. Throughout this exploration, music is focused on heavily. Cultural/local music to the cuisine type that’s being learned about will be featured. The player is connecting their ear directly to their taste buds. They hear a type of music, and they know what the food from that region tastes like. If they think about a certain type of food, they know what music is commonly hear in that region.

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August 21, 2016

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