601 GT 0000 - An Introduction

When Kevin and I come together to talk about something, we dive in deep. Nothing isn’t worth analyzing in depth and at length until we either completely understand all facets of it or entirely realize that we couldn’t possibly understand what it actually means.

We want to apply this to game design sessions. While I do the majority of the game designs and ideation for this project (~this~ project, what you’re currently reading), I’m also constantly exploring new ways to adjust and enhance it.

Cresce come cresco. It grows as I grow.

So periodically Kevin and I will try to find opportunities to spend an hour or more together exploring a specific game design avenue, idea, revision, or remix. I’ll post our discoveries, regardless of their quality or interestingness. Game testing!

[ Today I Was Playing: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ]

August 23, 2016