607 A Great Story Beats Good Gameplay (Sometimes)

Although I haven’t played Witcher 3: Wild Hunt yet, my brother has been talking to me about it a lot recently.

It has occurred to me that occasionally a game’s great story becomes almost more important than one with really solid gameplay.

We are creatures of lore and always have been. Stories have been passed down in various ways for as long as we have been aware of the human’s ability to speak and record things. We’re in an age now where we use some fairly advanced methods to do this (books, games, movies, tv, VR…), but we still do it because it’s so deeply a part of us.

So, when a game’s story is really great, I think we’re sometimes inclined to forgive its gameplay. Or, overlook things that we’d be more critical of if the story weren’t as great. Conversely, a game may have really good gameplay but if its story is disappointing or non-exisistant, we may be inclined to judge it more harshly.

This is a bit of a blanket statement, as preferences weigh very heavily here. Some players don’t care about story, while others play only for story. There are these extremes as always, but I’m mostly talking in general terms.

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August 29, 2016