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On our vacation to Lago di Como this weekend, Madeleine and I invented a fun variation on Scrabble, similar to Bananagrams in some ways.

Take all 100 Scrabble tiles and distribute them evenly between players (50/50, 33/33/33, or 25/25/25/25). Each player places all of their tiles face down in a pile near them, and picks 6 to place on their caddy. The game starts, and players begin building words on the board as quickly as possible. Each time a tile or tiles are placed on the board, the player must replenish their caddy with new letters from their pile. The first person to completely deplete their letters wins.

We realized that sometimes it can get to the point where nobody can play anything, although people have letters remaining. An alternate rule that can be added to eliminate this is that players are allowed to remove letters from the board. Any removed letters become that player’s responsibility to use, and are added directly to the caddy. Incomplete words can not be left on the board when doing this.

(Thanks Madeleine!)

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August 30, 2016

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