615 Why Two Dots Is Better Than (And The Same As) Candy Crush

I’ve been playing Two Dots a lot recently (Thanks Madeleine…….).

At its very core, it’s a match-3 game. It takes concepts from many different games and collects them together into a sleek and fun package, and it alters some things (can’t match diagonally!) to keep it interesting and unique.

But really, it’s barely different than Candy Crush, right? It’s a matching game where you progress level-by-level upward through a nearly endless map of challenges. Every 10 or 20 levels, a new concept is introduced that makes the levels more difficult.

It feels like there is a bit more care put into the levels of Two Dots than Candy Crush though, and there is certainly a much more minimized feeling of the sleazy pay-to-win aspects. It also has a more modern and sleek design, which is appealing to me but maybe other people don’t notice or care much about.

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September 6, 2016