618 Hay Update 0011

The design of Hay has some constants, but right now there are too many variables.

Today I’m trying to deal with that by focusing on what types of moments I want to create with the gameplay. What do I want the player to feel while they’re playing Hay, what are they thinking about, what decions are they making, and what kind of emotions result from it all.

The first that I came up with was positive indecision. This is a popular (required?) aspect of most any strategy game. Maybe strategy games are defined by their moments of indecision? It’s probably not strategy if indecision isn’t incorporated; if solutions and choices are obvious or arbitrary then the design isn’t strategy centric.

To incorporate this aspect, the player has to have a situation where there are multiple options for them, many of them seemingly viable, but with the awareness that some of them are superior to others (and maybe that one of them might be the most ideal).

I’ll continue thinking through this.

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September 9, 2016

#hay, #strategy-game