620 Life Is Strange, But The Game Was Not

Recently I finished the 5th and final chapter of Life is Strange.

My initial reaction is to, as I always have, claim that video games are in every shape and form the greatest medium currently available. My innate partiality acknowledges how ridiculous that statement is though, so we’ll just say that interactivity is pretty damn awesome.

Life is Strange proved in many ways its ability to stand toe-to-toe with modern storytelling giants like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. It had every twist and turn of a great and compelling story, plus a well designed and engaging interactive experience.

It’s hard to not be vague when I talk about this game, because there is such an incredibly massive amount to say about it, that it defaults to generalities.

Basically, go play this game if you like your games full of emotion, substance, consequence, relate-ability, and really, life.

[ Today I Was Playing: Life is Strange - Ep. 5 and Borderlands 2 ]

September 11, 2016

#game-opinion, #game-review-critique