625 Limited Bullets

I think I’ve talked about this in the past, but I’m really fascinated by the use of limitations in interactivity. In this concept, the game has a very limited supply of bullets, “bullets” really can mean any core resource. It’s easy to use bullets as an example because guns are (unfortunately) such a prevalent part of gaming. It’s also an easy example because guns are useless without bullets.

What else is useless without something else? A TV without power. A cellphone without signal. Peanut butter without jelly?

So for example, let’s say it’s a standard game of Overwatch, your basic 12-person online multiplayer team competition. But instead of infinite ammo, you have very limited amounts. Maybe you actually start with none at all, and there’s a small amount that gets placed on the game map.

Suddenly the dynamic shifts, from offense to defense, from attack to survive. The concept is maybe similar to some “survival” games out there now, like Day-Z, but more local and focused.

[ Today I Was Playing: Borderlands 2 and Scrabble ]

September 16, 2016