627 Being Good At Scrabble

Madeleine has a certain aptitude for Scrabble that I can’t seem to compete with. It doesn’t bother me really, and our games are all in good fun (except when they aren’t!) But it does have me thinking about general strategies for the game.

I’m sure this has been heavily researched and written about, given the popularity and age of Scrabble. I think her strategy is finding the best spot on the board to optimize the amount of points she can get in a given turn. My strategy is usually trying to come up with the best word possible with my letters, and then find a spot for it on the board or modify it in ways so it can work. Her strategy seems to work better.

But there are a lot of other things going on. Patience is an important skill, as well as obviously being good with words and being able to think outside the box with what you draw. All of that in combination with the obvious strategies of using large value letters on double or triple-letter spaces, and not setting up your opponent for easy points.

I talk about it well, but can I put it into practice?

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September 18, 2016

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