639 First Forward

I’ve always wanted to play a game that could be played again in reverse once it was completed.

Other games have done similar things, obviously. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a well-known example of this, letting the player play through the entire game in an “upside-down” castle. It was an incredibly unique idea, and even today still is. Many RPGs allow the player to play in what is now known as New Game+, which was I believe first coined in Chrono Trigger, but similar ideas have been used before that. In NG+ players are given additional benefits or progress carried over from the previous play through the game, to help them or to increase the challenge, excitement, and longevity of the game.

In this concept, the player would play through a linear game from start to finish, and then be challenged (or required by the story) to play the game in reverse. It could create a ton of opportunity for varied gameplay and interesting situations and environments.

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September 30, 2016