645 Civ Coop

I’m the world’s least-qualified to talk about Sid Meier’s Civilization series, since I’ve played exactly 5 minutes of it ever. And yes, I am ashamed of that.

But, with Civilization VI releasing recently, I’ve been watching some footage of it being played. Which obviously gets the gears turning in my head.

Although Civilization has always been focused around PvP or PvC, I think that a cooperative mode could work. In this mode, two players cooperate on decisions toward the common goal. There has always been the option for cooperation in Civ, but it’s always voluntary and typically probably temporary. It’s just a means to a separate end.

Maybe in this cooperative mode, each player has an asynchronous responsibility. It could simulate a government more closely, putting each player into an important but distinctly separate role. Each turn the players need to work together on policies, laws, and decisions that will ultimately shape the direction of their civilization.

More like a democracy, less like a dictatorship!

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October 6, 2016

#game-modification, #strategy-game