658 Overcooked And The Blissful Couch Co-Op Experience

I recently played the smart and frantic game Overcooked, cooperatively with my friend Eric. It was in many ways the perfect couch co-op experience. It’s quick to get into, easy to understand the rules of, and provides the best kind of mass chaos. Most of the levels are designed in ways that force you to work together with the other players.

I was specifically impressed by the level design. The game use a lot of interesting layout tricks to force players apart and into specific roles for cooperation. But, it isn’t so rigid that you can’t create your own system in the level and delegate jobs between players on the fly.

The primary issue is that the game lacks enough depth. In some ways this is to its advantage, but mostly it was a missed opportunity. It could have excelled by adding more complex recipes, having more varied level challenges outside of just a standard set timed level, or by expanding the gameplay partway through the game.

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October 19, 2016