659 OMG MiniMetro

Where to begin with this game?

Kevin and I had an idea to make a game like this a few years ago. Obviously that’s easy to say in retrospect, and I think the idea was more focused on the general concept of a game that lets you design a transit system; this is quite a different take on what we probably would have come up with.

Regardless, it’s an absolutely amazing game.

I love games that let you explore their mechanics and learn them for yourself, rather than being explicitly taught. Especially when it doesn’t feel like I’m being penalized or punished for exploring/learning. This game definitely allows for that, and encourages creativity and smart solutions to problems along the way.

The game design is incredibly sleek, relatively simple, and presented through a stunning and “minimalistic” style. It encourages dozens of different play styles depending on the player’s strategy, and doesn’t necessarily shoehorn you into trying to find the “only” best solution.

It’s also dangerously addictive. It’s a good thing there are only a dozen or so levels.

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October 20, 2016