669 GOAT

Or, Game Of All Time.

This was not invented by me. But I played it recently and thought it was interesting.

Essentially, GOAT was made up by a group of sisters as a party/drinking game. It is quite similar to party games like Circle of Death and President/Asshole, although it is markedly more physically demanding than those (in the sense that you aren’t sitting as much, not in the sense that it’s actually physically demanding).

Much like the above mentioned games, the rules of this game vary wildly based on who is playing it and who is running it and how much drinking is happening and what the physical space looks like. But taking all of these factors in mind, one person, essentially the DM, begins setting up various areas of the room or house that act as “zones.” These zones correspond to various activities that need to be completed in order to receive the token from that zone. The goal is to collect tokens from all of the zones.

It is not unlike Mario Party, actually. Yes, it’s basically IRL Mario Party plus drinking.

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October 30, 2016

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