670 Revisiting Dishonored

Over the past week, in excitement for the release of Dishonored 2, I’ve revisited playing Dishonored. I played this once, the year it came out (2013, right?), and it was tied for GOTY for me, with X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

I’ve been really enjoying getting back into it. It feels in many ways like an ideal mashup of genres for me as a gamer. It’s wildly strategic and thoughtful, features an entirely unique and engaging narrative backdrop, encourages exploration and varying play styles, and is incredibly immersive (first-person, beautiful music, and great writing). All of these come together to create something of an All-Star game for me.

I played through it the first time with a focus on stealth, but didn’t quite manage to get through the entire game without killing anyone. I chose to play it this way again, and this time made it through without a single fatality, and without ever being spotted. What that means essentially, is that I could only use about a quarter of the items that were available to me, and had to get fairly crafty with the tactics I used to tackle situations. This is all to say that I couldn’t imagine a better way to play this game, at least for me personally.

It helped that the graphics were updated somewhat for it’s release on the PS4, but I think the game’s unaltered gameplay still stood up, even years after being released. I’m beyond excited to dive into Dishonored 2 and see what it brings to the table for the series.

[ Today I Was Playing: Dishonored: Definitive Edition ]

November 1, 2016