681 Fostering (Ha) Creativity

I’ve been watching a lot of Planet Coaster streaming lately. I haven’t boughten it yet mostly because it’s only on Windows. Bummer.

One thing that struck me almost immediately was how this game fosters (ya ya ya, ha ha ha) creativity so well. It was built in a way that directly encourages players to express themselves creatively.

It’s partially done through an incredibly intuitive and flexible interface. That the player doesn’t need to fight with the game to create what they envision in their head is a huge boon for its ability to encourage creativity. It also gives the player a lot of options through the pieces to choose from. Think The Sims’ catalog of furniture, but applied to building a rollercoaster theme park. The game has a wonderful sliding scale of complexity, as well. You can get extremely detailed in what you want to create, customizing colors, shapes, music, all of it. Or, you can keep it basic and use the presets. This lets people of any comfort level with being “creative” get their hands dirty and make something awesome and unique.

I love it.

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November 12, 2016