691 One-Handed Control Schemes

I’ve always thought that some games were particularly well suited to feature a one-handed control scheme. I have a childhood memory of watching my brother play Final Fantasy Tactics (or maybe it was some other Final Fantasy game?), and during the more mundane stretches of the game, he would play it using just his left hand, using the opportunity to rest his right hand or to take a drink of something or have some munchies.

Depending on the game, this can work well. Holding a Playstation 4 controller, for example, in your left hand you have access to the analog stick, the 4 directional buttons, L1 and L2, and the analog stick button L3. That’s a solid amount of buttons that can be smartly implemented in ways that allow alternate control.

[ Today I Was Playing: Dishonored 2 and Battleborn ]

November 22, 2016