704 Games Designed For Speedrunning

Speedrunning is a unique aspect of the gaming community. I love that it takes something that already exists, and gives it a completely new purpose.

I’m curious about the future of it, though. Many players seem to enjoy most speedrunning older games. They’re in general more glitchy, more manipulatable, and just have a characteristic that’s different from most modern games.

Are modern developers creating games that encourage people to speedrun them? Maybe some. I first think of the Dark Souls series, which has a large community of people running through the game with various self-applied challenges or limitations.

Browsing the website speedrun.com, there are mostly games being played from the 90’s and 2000’s. Not a lot of really modern things, although some.

I hope developers keep in mind this practice that many players enjoy doing, and ensure that their games at a minimum don’t discourage speedrunning as a possibility.

[ Today I Was Playing: Dishonored 2 ]

December 5, 2016