720 Battleborn, I Guess

I’ve played a decent amount of Gearbox’s new game Battleborn over the past few months, but I haven’t bothered to talk about it much. I think there’s a reason for this.

It wasn’t completely what I was expecting or hoping for from Gearbox. It’s not that it isn’t fun, it is. I think if a different studio had released this identical title, I’d be able to appreciate it more. But because of Gearbox being who they are and producing some really memorable and special games for the Borderlands series, expectations were pretty high.

The game maintains the feel that they are known for. But, I guess, it deviates from the genre, and that’s the point of contention for me. I didn’t want an online battleground multiplayer death match game, and especially not one that has a half-baked story mode (at least in comparison to Borderlands).

I will continue to play it until they are done releasing additional missions, and I will continue to enjoy it while I also continue to anxiously await Borderlands 3 or something more similar to it.

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December 21, 2016

#game-opinion, #game-review-critique