726 How Mood Affects Enjoyment

Sometimes I don’t want to play a game. And it’s not because the game isn’t fun. It’s because I’m not in the right mood.

Who knows why that is, though. Some games require a certain mindset to fully enjoy them. Or to enjoy them at all.

I need to constantly remind myself of this. Just because I don’t feel like playing Metal Gear Solid doesn’t mean that I don’t like the game or that it isn’t fun. Most often, there are other factors involved. Sometimes, the barrier to re-picking up something where you left it off. Sometimes, the age of the game, and so the barrier to actually playing it. Sometimes, the mood or tone of the game, which is best during the day or during the evening.

The worst thing you could do is force yourself to play a game that you aren’t feeling interested in. Just wait until on it, give it a chance, and come back to it when you’re feeling more interested.

[ Today I Was Playing: Headlander ]

December 27, 2016