727 Headlander's Chess Interpretation

There was a section inside of DoubleFine’s recent game Headlander that stood out to me as particularly innovative and interesting.

Basically, to describe it simply, there is a colony of only robots on a space station somewhere. And they play a sort of “death match” version of chess. So, each robot represents a different piece from the game of chess. And they all have laser guns, naturally. But, the direction and pattern that their lasers shoot in is based on the movement pattern of the chess piece they are playing as.

I thought it was a brilliantly interesting way to portray chess. So, the robots have to stand and move and attack and defend in different ways depending on who they are paired up against, based on the patterns of laser fire they have and need to react to.


[ Today I Was Playing: Headlander ]

December 28, 2016

#chess-game, #game-opinion