732 Retrospective

Last year I did this thing where I made a retrospective list of some of my favorite or most meaningful posts of the year. I think I’ll do it again this year! Here we go:

382 Third Person Blurring

I loved this idea, and I still do. I think it’s an interesting solution to an immersion problem in gaming.

388 NomNomGalaxy Makes Soup Into Business

The first time (and last? though not purposefully) that I had someone else write for this blog. It was great to get additional perspective on a shared experience, especially from someone that I respect highly the opinions of.

399 emojiRace

I wrote a group of “emoji” based game ideas, and for some reason this one is my favorite. Kevin and I are hoping to actually develop this one in the near future.

436 Defined

An interesting word game that I would love to explore. It’d be like a respectable version of UrbanDictionary.

467 Julia

I’ve gotten more and more interested in cooking over the past year, and this seems like an interesting product of that new passion. I also love that it’s called Julia. Seems to be a nice addition to “Siri” and “Alexa.”

500 The Big Five Oh Oh

I had a nice celebration for my 500th post, and the documentation of it is… mildly interesting!

528 Imbalanced Information, Vol. 1

As a part of my ongoing series of posts that are somewhat academic, this post goes pretty deep into balanced/imbalanced information in gaming.

540 Imbalanced Information, Vol. 2

A continuation of the thoughts from the first volume.

548 The Simplicity Complexity Scale, Vol. 1

Again, a part of the ongoing academic posts.

569 What’s The Point?

A semi-funny piece about the tropes of iOS App Store games. WTP!

577 The Simplicity Complexity Scale, Vol. 2

And, part duex!

596 ReChess

I’ve written many chess alternates, but this one is by far my favorite.

684 The Importance Of Contextual Design

One more in the academic series!

715 Poorly Written Passwords

One of my all-time favorite posts. I hope to make this one a reality in the future.

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January 2, 2017