742 Mine'd

A team-based Minecraft experience.

We know that in life, things can go well when groups of individuals that each specialize in something come together to form a collaborative team. In this mod, each player specializes in a certain tool and craft.

For example, to begin with, one player will get the axe, another the pickaxe, another a sword, and so on. This will help define the role they will play on the team and their purpose. As the game moves forward, they will have access to certain crafting recipes that their other teammates don’t have, and the group must work together to swap resources and materials.

This means that the game could not function without cooperation. As in, players could not play it alone. I like the idea of this, and the type of interactions, and thus worlds, it would build.

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January 12, 2017

#co-op-game, #game-modification, #multiplayer-game