746 It's Simple...

In this Warioware-style collection, players are given instruction on how to play bite-sized games by videos of children explaining the rules.

Children say the darndest things, as we know. I’ve noticed that when you ask a child to explain something complex to you, they typically can get the gist across to you, but often do so in a uniquely convoluted and interesting way. I think this could lend itself perfectly to a set of mini-games.

The goal, of course, is to complete the mini-game, whether it is cooperative or competitive focused, there is always a goal. The games are not basic, but they are made more complex intentionally. At the start of each game, all players watch a video of a child explaining the game to them. “It’s simple…” they explain. The video can’t be replayed, and the players are launched directly into playing. The collection of games is large enough such that there won’t ever be a repeated game throughout many play sessions.

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January 16, 2017