747 Capturing Memorable Gaming Moments

A game system that records players best moments throughout a game and presents them as a collection shown during the credits.

Although I haven’t played it yet personally, I love the recently release Final Fantasy XV feature where one of the main protagonists uses a camera to capture all of the most memorable moments of the journey. A similar feature is in Blizzard’s massively popular game Overwatch, at the end of a session, a player can choose to see the “best play of the game” or a highlight reel of all of their own best moments throughout many matches.

I think something like this could be extended to other types of RPGs, and other genres as well. Maybe initially the tech could simply collect stylized animated videos of each of the player’s most iconic and intense situations in the game, likely the “boss” battles. This would work best in a game where battles like this are dynamic and unique from player to player, so it feels exciting and personalized. These clips would be collected together and potentially shown during the end credits of the game.

As the technology adapts and learns, eventually this could be even more dynamic. Instead of just recording boss battles, the game would have an “awareness” of when the most interesting, unique, unlikely, funny, or bombastic events happened, and capture those for the end reel.

A truly memorable way to finish your time with a game, often which a lot of time and investment was put into by the player.

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January 17, 2017