759 Game Intros Transitioning Directly To Gameplay

I like that I’ve seen a lot of experimental and interesting ways that games present their “start” screen recently.

And, it makes sense. Start screens are somewhat anachronistic by now. There’s no technical reason for them to exist, and very rarely a gameplay-specific reason for them.

I love the idea of a some games beginning immediately when opened. This could mean a lot of different things depending on the genre of the game, and what those beginning moments would look like. It worked for The Witness.

The game could potentially “sit” on that introduction scene, effectively acting as a pause screen. As soon as the player interacts, they are playing. Again, depends on the game genre, but could be interesting.

A lot of discussions bring up the question of having a “buffer” space, something that the game can sit at in case you started the game up and walked away from it briefly. I think the intro moment could accommodate these fringe cases. Plus, why is somebody getting up and walking away from a game they just launched? Only because start screens have existed, and so you know you can.

Solution: get up and do what you need to do before you launch the game. ;)

[ Today I Was Playing: Battleborn and Headlander ]

January 29, 2017