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I love the idea of a game with deep integration with the game streaming platform Twitch. These have definitely been done before, and I probably don’t even really have extensive knowledge of how much and in what ways.

I don’t think streaming is going to go away any time soon, so it would be interesting to see a game that was built from the ground up with live-streaming in mind. Let’s use the container of an RPG, just to give some structure to these ideas:

  • While in certain areas or “dungeons,” every person in chat can type s(skeleton) or s(zombie) or whatever that is related to the game’s lore, and summon it into the game. Maybe there’s a limit to typing this once per minute, or once per some amount of time.
  • Chat members could help the main player by enhancing certain abilities somehow.
  • It could be deeper, and chat members could continue to control the thing they summoned, either enemy or ally, by typing various commands. Maybe attacking or moving, but these traditional activities might be hard through this interface, so maybe it’s things more suited to the slower input.
  • Some parts of the game could have polls that are quickly decided based on the number of people typing a certain word or another. Maybe the dialogue of the AI is chosen by chat, while the dialogue of the player is chosen by the player.

Definitely there are endless awesome ideas to come up with. The general idea is that there is a direct and (basically) immediate link between the players in chat and the game’s systems, as well as the game’s player.

This could very easily extend to strategy games or other genres.

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February 23, 2017

#experimental-game, #role-playing-game