791 Reloading Is Too Easy

My thoughts on games with guns aside, I think that we have gotten (or have always been?) lazy with the design in first-person shooters.

One aspect that has always puzzled me is the “reloading” mechanic. Mechanically speaking, pistols aside as they can be reloaded extremely quickly, the average human just can’t reload a gun in less than 10 seconds on average. And as we start looking at various types of guns, the amount of ammo, empty clips versus individual bullets… all of this comes into play.

How has all of this been ignored by game designers? I think I remember hearing there was some game with a mechanic that if you reloaded you gun before you clip was empty you lost those remaining bullets in the clip; at least a step in the “realism” direction, for sure.

I just think that if we’re going to be designing games around something as serious as guns, we should take it seriously and understand how they actually work.

I’d love to see an example of a game that had accurate reload times for all of its guns. I’m guessing players would be a lot more selective with how they shot their bullets if they knew that it’d take them 30 seconds to reload their gun.

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March 2, 2017

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