793 Sports Franchise Pricing

I won’t claim to know much about sports video games. The last time I was seriously interested in one was Blitz 2001, and that was just because my best friend Jacob like it.

So, it has always baffled me that some of thesae franchises are released yearly. In some ways I can see the argument that so too are Call of Duty games, but those are pretty different from one another, despite being mechanically generally similar. Sports games are generally seem to contain minor gameplay enhancements and tweaks, and sometimes increased graphical fidelity.

It seems to me like a perfect candidate for a subscription model. Publishers must know that people would pay this. People are paying $15 a month for World of Warcraft, and the fanbase of sports games is just as passionate about their games as people are about World of Warcraft. Well, maybe.

Players could purchase the base Madden game, likely for the standard game price, and maybe it would include a free first month, like World of Warcraft often does. And from there, they could charge whatever they saw fit per month.

Seems obvious to me.

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March 4, 2017

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