794 Procedurally Visible

“Procedurally Generated” has been a buzz word in the gaming industry for a while, although it’s hard to pin point exactly when it starting becoming so popular. But, definitely it’s been around since the 80’s, in some capacity or another, and even in old text-based games like Rogue. Modern examples of this include games like No Man’s Sky and Diablo III. Well, all of the Diablo games, actually. Many modern “rouge-likes” actually depend on this as a mechanic for their game to be viable and interesting.

In this game system, players get to see the generation happening in front of them. Somehow, it would be visualized. Maybe in some iteration, players would get to see multiple versions of a procedurally generated multiplayer map, and vote on which one they want to play. Or some aspects of the generation could be altered or controlled by the player.

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March 5, 2017