823 A Different Kind Of Game Jam

Game jams are awesome. Really really awesome. I took part in one briefly, and although nothing substantial came out of it, the experience was great.

I wonder if there could be a game jam that wasn’t as focused on creating the end product of a playable experience. What I mean is, creativity would be leveraged, ideas would be expressed and iterated and honed, things would be made, but the goal is to focus mostly on the idea, and use programming to test those ideas.

Because, obviously, forcing a game to be finished in 48 hours or 1 week or whatever the time limit is… that’s in direct opposition to how games are actually made. And that’s ok in some ways, and creates some really interesting products. But it’s also really strange in some ways, and unnatural.

But also I have a bizarre opinion on this.


Some crap I made in 2012 for a global game jam…

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April 3, 2017