824 Bus System Sim

I was (was? is? am…) a massive fan of Mini Metro, an incredibly addicting Steam/iOS/etc game that was released in the last year or two. Essentially, it’s a minimalistic train route planning simulator. It did a lot unique things and innovation within the broader simulator genre.

I think a potential expansion on this idea into bus systems could be really interesting. A train system is somewhat more strict in its utility after it’s built… trains can go on that track and only that track. A bus system on the other hand, is using roads that already exist, thousands of options and adjustments in a given city for routes to be made most efficiently.

The minimalist approach might not fit this as well because of that deeper complexity, but I think it could be an interesting direction or next step after a game like Mini Metro.

After some digging, and a suggestion from Kevin, I found that this already exists. Not a game, but still pretty cool.

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April 4, 2017

#simulation-game, #travel-game