830 Water Platformer

I recently found an old document from 2012 that I wrote while I was studying at SCAD. I actually like it, although I’m not sure why it’s titled Water Platformer. Here we go:


the sound of waves gently, but not too gently, rolling in and out

you wake up on a beach, at or just before sunrise.

(temporarily blurred vision)

you look around and realize you are alone.

you mumble:

“this isn’t…oh…… Right.”

you look around and see various objects, obviously placed by you.

you also see a partially completed wooden raft near the water line.

you can hear crickets and a few morning birds, as well as the waves, but nothing else.

you begin to explore the beach, realizing you can pick up many of the objects and store them in a burlap bag around your shoulder.

quickly, you realize that you can’t carry everything you can see.

you must choose.

(it isn’t necessarily clear which tools will help you in what ways later on)

you stumble across a sketch you carved into a detached piece of tree bark.


although you’re not sure why, the plans give you a sudden sense of urgency.

you finish the construction of the raft.

you may linger on the island or leave on the raft, although you notice that the sun is rising off the horizon line now.

you approach the raft and check its integrity.

“sturdy enough.”

wading into the warm, clear water, you push the raft ahead of you.

you get on the raft and look back with slight hesitance.

you push off away from shore with a paddle that you crafted out of a light bark.

“good riddance, paradise.”

you look forward and push off toward the sun.

music swells in very slightly, like the gentle waves against the shore that you just left behind

(camera pulls back and the title of the game “????” fades in above the sun)

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April 10, 2017