831 Depleted Update 0002

Doing more brainstorming with this idea, I wonder if it can be some sort of space-related battle game. Not that I’m particularly for making every game into something war-related, but it might give the game a little more context.

So, in this updated concept:

  • You are in command of a ship’s main systems
  • Holding the spacebar is what keeps the ship’s main power active (seems silly maybe, could be framed differently)
  • The A and K keys represent your ship’s left-hand and right-hand shields
  • The shields very slowly deplete while active, quickly deplete when engaged with a threat, and only recharge when inactive
  • The 9 main pods correspond to different systems on the ship, ideas: oxygen/atmosphere, water storage, different offensive or defense systems for various situations, backup power, etc…
  • The number keys are held to fill or maintain levels in the pods, depending on what it is
  • The pods can be tapped once full to be activated (worried about mistakenly tapping wrong one?)
  • All pods are customizable, choose which ones you bring with you
  • Large meter on the right is for the ship’s overall power
  • Line underneath the pods could represent ship stability

And the brainstorming continues…


An update on the mock…

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April 11, 2017

#depleted, #touch-bar-game, #touch-controlled-game