832 Rewriting Monopoly

It’s no secret that most people hate monopoly. Although, it may be a secret to themselves, as people don’t often openly say it.

There’s been a ton of research and stories produce on how Monopoly is barely a game. It was never designed specifically to be fun, but more as an educational tool. And that isn’t to say educational tools can’t be fun… it’s just that this one isn’t.

And even as an educational tool, it’s somewhat irrelevant at this point. It’s not a mystery to our society how commerce and business and monopolies work (maybe because entire generations grew up playing Monopoly!?). The ideas feel stale, ancient, and anachronistic.

So why hasn’t anybody rewritten the rules?

Well maybe it’s a copyright issue, I don’t know. But it needs to happen. There’s a lot of potential, the game board is somewhat interesting (and massively familiar), and some of the core concepts are functional. It’s still a game as it is, it’s just not any fun.

I’ll try rewriting them and post my findings.

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April 12, 2017

#board-game, #classic-game, #game-revision