840 Gears Of War Judgement Review

Eric and I played this recently. Strangely, we played the Judgement installation of the series before Gears of War 3. Why we did that is a discussion for another time.

We both loved the storytelling method of this entry, that it’s chapter/anecdote/perspective based. The story takes place in the present, but most of the gameplay happens through the storytelling of the past events from the perspectives of the 4 main characters.

The responsiveness of the gameplay was also the best of the series yet. And, the game decided to reduce the complexity a bit, only allowing the player to carry two guns at once. This freed up the control scheme a bit more as well, making that more natural and smooth.

In the end, the story is still cringeworthy and cheesy, but of all the installments, this one was something consistently enjoyable moment-to-moment, and didn’t feel like it ever dragged on or dropped pace.

[ Today I Was Playing: Gear of War: Judgement ]

April 20, 2017