842 GBOS, Overseas By Superpoze

Welcome to Games Based On Songs, our new segment that I’ll do at least 2 more times in future posts but probably not much more than that because I’ll get sidetracked by something else.

Today we are featuring the song Overseas by the electronic band Superpoze.


The atmosphere of this song is infectious. At certain points in the track, it has a very distinct “outer space” feel to it. A lot of reverb, that typical synth texture, strings used slightly unconventionally, and a very high piano part.

Somehow all of this still feels organic, despite the heavy amount of processing.

The bridge, smack in the middle of the track, builds up in a way that they artist could have extended infinitely longer than the 30 seconds it lasts. It feels like the perfect loop for a section of a game, building suspense, keeping you slightly anxious, without being distracting or annoying.

I’m picturing something like Mass Effect a little bit. The opening of the song would work perfectly as a track to an opening scene of a game. Or potentially for the title screen. It reminds me a little bit of the opening screen of Child of Light. Not necessarily in genre, but just in affect.

The game wouldn’t be 3D though, like Mass Effect. Like, a 2D Mass Effect, but maybe somewhat more restricted and dark like The Swapper. And a bit of Broken Age thrown in there for good measure.

The middle of the song, the bridge again, feels more like music used while the player is playing and interacting. The “meat” of the song after the bridge might be difficult to use, as it has a ton of intensity and drive. It might be used actually more like a bridge in the game itself, during a section that is vastly different from the rest of the game in style or gameplay or presentation. A break.

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April 22, 2017