851 GBOS, Vampires By The Midnight

Today we are featuring the song Vampires by the electronic production duo The Midnight.


This track is incredibly moody and specific. You can’t not think of the above image, even if you had never seen it. That’s why I chose it for this.

It sounds like noir neo-Tokyo meets the 1980s and Blade Runner.

The saxophone is an incredible voice, hook, and presence in the song, but it has this light gritty effect on it that helps it settle into the sound of the rest of the track, to not stand out too heavily.

This track would definitely be used in a game for a cut scene of some sort. It feels like a “rising action” portion of the story song.

Really, this entire album could be used as the basis for the mood and tone of a neo-noir jazz Tokyo game. And that’s totally a genre.

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May 1, 2017