855 Exploding Kittens Review

I played this recently with a group of 6 total people. I have very little background experience with The Oatmeal in general, and also a fairly low amount of information in general on the history of Exploding Kittens. All I remembered about it going in was that it was a card game that made a massive amount of money on Kickstarter.

I’m here to report, sadly, that I enjoyed almost nothing about this game. It’s not that it was a bad game necessarily. There was just nothing interesting about it. I think that it may have been riding pretty heavily on it’s “shtick” of being cat/Oatmeal themed. I can’t actually imagine a group of people that enjoy deep and interesting and rewarding games enjoying this. I could maybe see a group of friends that enjoy superficial one-off fun things to maybe enjoy this for a brief moment.

Man, this is a harsh review. Do better next time, game designers.

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May 5, 2017

#card-game, #game-review-critique