856 Rock Paper Scissors Battleship

In this game modification on the classic Battleship board game, the players chooses a “style” for each of their placed ships. There are three styles of ship, and each is weak against one other, dominant over another, and unaffected by its own type. For example:

The longest ship has the power to take down the medium ship, but can’t hit the small ship.

The medium sized ship has the versatility to take down the small ship, but can’t evade the long ship.

The short ship has maneuverability on its side, and can take down the longest ship easily but is weak to the versatility of the medium ship.

And each ship is equally matched and unaffected by a ship of its same type.

The rest of the rules of Battleship remain, with maybe some minor tweaks required to adapt for changes caused by the new rules.

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May 6, 2017