857 Gears Of War 3 Review

My friend Eric and I have been playing through the Gears of War series, in a somewhat satirical way. Not entirely, we still enjoy it, but while playing it we are very heavy on the critical commentary. That actually makes it even more fun.

We played the first few chapters of this game, maybe 3 hours worth of it, in a sitting, paused it and then walked away from the game to have lunch. When we returned to the game, the XBox 360 had turned itself off. We lost all of our progress in the game for some reason, thanks to this bizarre “power saving” feature.

We then proceeded to play Gears of War Judgement instead.

Coming back to this game, or just in general, the consensus was quick and persisted; definitely the worst entry in the series so far. And let me say, our bar was about as low as it could have been.

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May 7, 2017