860 A Review Of Imbroglio's Unique Systems

Today I was playing an obscure but unique iOS game called Imbroglio.

The game on the surface seems like a standard dungeon-diving turn-based grid game. “Standard,” yes, because that’s a genre apparently?

I love the twist it takes on it, though. Instead of your character changing and upgrading over time, the tiles on the board gain experience, and change. Already as it is there are varying tiles on the board that do different things if you are placed on top of them while adjacent to an enemy. As you defeat enemies while on top of them, it slowly levels up that individual tile.


A screenshot from the introductory state of Imbroglio.

It’s a nice blend of unpredictability and strategy. You can’t always choose completely which tile you need to be on to defeat a foe, but you often have choice, and can plan specifically to level up certain tiles. Doing this while also considering that different categories of tiles need to be used to defeat different categories of enemies makes for a satisfyingly complex and slightly unpredictable game mechanic.

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May 10, 2017

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