865 The Rise Of The Strategy-Puzzle Genre

There are entire game genres on Apple’s App Store that didn’t exist before it was introduced. I think the “strategy-puzzle” genre sits firmly in that camp.

This is the genre I’ve talked about before, and clearly have opinions on.

I think it’s interesting that an entire genre of games can crop up simple from the introduction of a certain platform or type of tool. And certainly with “type of tool” we could talk about how engines like Unreal and Unity have also defined entire genres. But that makes sense to me, the tool with which something is made with affects what is made. This is slightly different though, thinking about how the platform it gets released on in the end is somehow contributing to and feeding into a loop of the types of games that are created for it.

It’s somewhat of a socio-economical discussion maybe, that I’m definitely not qualified to chime in on completely.

[ Today I Was Playing: Card Thief ]

May 15, 2017

#game-genres, #game-opinion