866 My Brief Obsession With Card Thief

As happens once-in-a-new-moon, Card Thief took its grimey little addiction-paws and gripped me tightly with them. Ouch.

This game strikes a sweet spot between easy-to-pick-up, still contains depth, and has medium-short session lengths. Dangerous! Especially that last aspect. When session lengths of games, particularly mobile games, are too short, I often lose interest quickly. They often forego depth for accessibility, and that sacrifice is immediately clear and a turn off for me.

Games with long session lengths might be even worse for me. I’m unlikely to even open the game and try it because I know the massive amount of investment that’s required to experience and fully enjoy it.

Rock and a hard place.

So, medium to medium-short is the sweet spot for me personally. This game did that for me.

It also had enough chance and randomness to keep things unique from session to session but not so much that it felt like I couldn’t control what was happening most of the time. Another plus!

If i had one complaint, it would be that the actual rules of the game weren’t clear to me initially, and took a decent amount of trial-and-error to really get a handle on. But, not such a problem with a game that has the sweet spot with most other aspects of it.

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May 16, 2017