868 Synced Single Player Games

I’ve probably mentioned this concept previously, but maybe not.

I like the idea of two people playing the same game at the same time, even if there isn’t any actual cooperation happening in the game. This can obviously easily be done now, two people just pop in the same game, fire up an online audio chat, and hang out while they each play the game separately.

It might be interesting if this could actually be integrated as a concept into a game.

So maybe it’s like, “single-player cooperative” or something. The game is linked to other player(s)’ game, but there’s no direction interaction between the players/games. Maybe the players can’t even launch that mode of the game or progress in it unless they are playing it at the same time as someone else. Or, maybe if a certain “chapter” or checkpoint is reached by one player, the game takes a pause or presents that player with other things to do until the remaining cooperative players hit the same point in the game.

Plenty of weird or interesting concepts could be implemented here, essentially just playing with the idea of experiencing something together with other people, even if it isn’t actually designed as a “cooperative” experience.

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May 18, 2017

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