877 Shadow Warrior 2 On Restricting Creative Gameplay

I’ve been playing Shadow Warrior 2 with my brother cooperatively online recently. In general, we are having a great time with it, other than a few small aspects.

But, there is a system they’ve made that I think is a definition of a restriction of creativity in gameplay. A lot of the main focus is around putting these orb mods inside of your different weapons to enhance them, upgrade them, and most importantly change the way that the weapon works.

In theory, it’s a really cool system. Each weapon only has three slots, and there are tons of types of orbs to slot in, so having to pick and choose is fun and strategic. That is until you realize that half of the orbs and only be used in very specific types of weapons. And this is a problem when there are 9 different types of weapons., each with some orbs that only work with them.

Again, this wouldn’t be a problem if all orbs were specific for certain weapons, but it isn’t that way. There’s a glimmer of fun in it when a certain weapon does let you slot in a really interesting orb. Like, putting an orb into my rocket launcher that turns it into an automatous turret rocket launcher that is placed on the ground. Really fun, a complete change in how I use and interact with that weapon. But, that orb that turns the weapon into a turret can only be put into 3 types of weapons, of the 9. Which means most of the time when you go to use that orb and get excited to put it into a new weapon you just got, you’re going to be disappointed that it’s not compatible.

At the end of the day, we still had fun with the game. But this was a glaring piece of it that could have been fixed and refined.

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May 27, 2017

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