878 What Makes Background Music Background Music?

The soundtrack of a game is I think such an overlooked aspect of the experience. And interestingly, I think that the “type” of music might be the most important of all.

By type I mean, is it background music or is it regular music?

“Background music” is an unfortunate term, though. It is only background in the sense that it isn’t the only thing happening at that moment, and might not be the intention to be primary focus. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t as important or more than other things happening at the same time.

Maybe “score” is a better word to use, what the film industry uses.

A game’s score is defined as such by creating a mood that supports, enforces, alters, or elevates the gameplay happening at the same time. Often minimal vocals are used in these tracks, as it can distract or complicate a potentially already complex interactive experience. Typically the cadence of the music is also somewhat repeatable, and melts into the experience rather than sitting on top of it or beneath it. Dynamic sound design and diegetic/non-diegetic soundscapes also play an important role in the music.

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May 28, 2017

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