879 Rare Bullets As Currency In Metro

As I continue my play through of Metro 2033: Redux, I continue to discover and am intrigued by the game’s systems.

I love that the game world has an economy in place that is based around rare bullets in the world. By context it’s inferred that these bullets are made out of a certain metal that’s a lot more difficult to find post-disaster, and so rather than being useful only as bullets, they’re also highly traded and bartered as a currency. As an extra aspect, since it is a game, the system allows the player the actually shoot those rare bullets in the guns instead of standard ammunition, with of course a bonus to lethality.

I think this is a really smart and interesting system that feels grounded in a realistic game world and forces the player to make wise decisions with their resources, both in and outside of battle.

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May 29, 2017