880 Same EXP Required, Less EXP Gained

A progression system that uses a more consistent metric.

In this system, each level requires the same amount of “experience” to attain (maybe in this system it would make more sense to think of a word other than “experience” … some other concept of collecting some resource as a reward for completing an objective). But, to make the difficulty / progression similar to current system norms, the amount of “experience” gained decreases over time.

Something like this must have already been experimented with in a game, but I haven’t seen it.

For example, let’s say it always takes 100 pieces to progress forward. But your action, say defeating an enemy, at the start of the game gives you 10 pieces, then a few levels later only gives 8 pieces, and then 6, and so on.

This is a pretty massive shift in presentation of the system, but could be set up to work essentially identically to current progression systems. One of the most interesting advantages to a system like this is that it eliminates the common issue in JRPGs of escalating numbers for reach for new levels, like “20,555 EXP TO NEXT LEVEL” which to me as a player means absolutely nothing when I often don’t have any clear idea of how much experience I’m gaining per activity or how that changes as my level changes.

[ Today I Was Playing: Metro 2033: Redux ]

May 30, 2017