881 Hot! Hot! Hot!

A VR game about balancing hot liquids.

In this game, the player must balance and manager his or her cup of some hot liquid, like coffee, tea, boiling water, etc.

The player would be place in strange and precarious situations, often with crowds around them. For example, walking down a plane aisle, in a crowded theatre, on a busy street, or at a packed wedding. The characters around the player would react appropriately if any of the liquid is spilled on them, causing them to say “Hot!” and creating general unrest in the other people around the player. The liquid could also spill on the character’s own hand, forcing you to switch hands while the spilled-on hand recovers briefly.

The game’s controls would be very touchy and sensitive, and the liquid in the container would be dynamic and highly reactive.

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May 31, 2017

#experimental-game, #vr-game